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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Welcome to the Winter Sanctuary Homeless Shelter! Our mission is to provide a safe and warm place for those experiencing homelessness during the harsh winter months. We are a community-supported organization that relies on the generosity of volunteers and donors to provide shelter, food, and support services to those in need. We believe that everyone deserves a chance at a better life and we are committed to helping those who are struggling find a path toward self-sufficiency.

Our Story

The Winter Sanctuary Emergency Homeless Shelter in Mount Vernon, OH is a non-profit organization that provides a safe and warm place for homeless individuals to stay during the winter months. Founded in 2008, the shelter operates from November through April, offering a range of services including temporary housing, meals, and access to resources such as job training and mental health counseling.


The shelter is staffed by a dedicated team of professionals and volunteers who work tirelessly to support the needs of those in the community who are experiencing homelessness. With a strong commitment to serving those in need, the Winter Sanctuary Emergency Seasonal Homeless Shelter is a vital resource for those facing homelessness in Mount Vernon, OH.

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Our Partners

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